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If your baby has a birth injury, it is possible that medical malpractice caused it. Proving any type of clinical malpractice case is a challenging process, but it is well worth the time and effort on behalf of a baby with a birth injury. It could take an attorney many hours to collect all the documents, make a determination, and submit the proper case on your child’s behalf. You need an attorney who is well-versed in the challenging laws that govern these circumstances. A qualified attorney can obtain all relevant medical records, review all documents, and speak with leading clinical professionals to identify definitively whether a medical specialist’s negligence is responsible for your child’s condition.

Birth injury refers to any damage a baby receives throughout the birthing procedure as an outcome of forces; for instance, compression or traction, or conditions that constrain the flow of blood, or even oxygen consumption. Unintentional injuries received at birth have the possibilities to impact the rest of the baby’s life. In some cases, it could leave the baby completely handicapped, requiring the child to receive treatment for the rest of his/her life. Legal representatives can work with trustworthy medical specialists to consider the significance of a baby’s injury, as well as retroactively figure out the possible origin of the injury.

Children are very soft and cannot stand up to certain pressures. Occasionally the mother’s hips can trigger birth injury. If her hip is not compatible to the size of the infant, it can have an effect on the infant; this particular injury is called Cephalopelvic Disproportion. Premature birth can also cause a birth injury. An experienced doctor or midwife will undoubtedly reduce the danger of these troubles equating into a birth injury, however instances of clinical neglect are also a significant reason for severe injuries during childbirth.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

Fractures are the most typical birth injury. They can take place during the time of delivery and can impact the bone joints. If the fracture is typical, then it may heal within ten days by forming new bones. If the condition is extremely bad, the infant may need a small bandage to limit movement of the arm or leg.

Trauma and infection are other kinds of birth injuries that can take place during labor and delivery. If your child suffered a serious birth injury, you should call an experienced birth injury attorney. A birth injury attorney will analyze the medical records in a medical malpractice case to discover where the doctors, registered nurses or medical personnel may have made mistakes that caused the birth injury. This is why it is important to find a Birth Injury Attorney who has a strong clinical background and can ensure that your baby’s needs are taken care of. For example, a birth injury can have a significant outcome upon the quality of living for the child, as well as that of the mom and dad, and this result can differ based upon the severity and kind of harm.

Lots of common birth injuries can be avoided if the mother and baby are provided with great medical and maternity care. Regrettably, instances of clinical carelessness do occur, in which a doctor or nurse’s habits or misdiagnosis is directly accountable for a major birth injury. If you or a loved one is dealing with a birth injury matter, please do not hesitate to obtain legal representation. The Curry Law Group invites you to fill out the form on this page or contact our office. We service the entire Tampa Bay Area and would like the opportunity to provide the best outcome for your family.

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